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The island of Brač is the third biggest of the 1185 islands on the most indented coast of the Mediterranean. It is the highest island of Croatian islands, with its peak Vidova gora, 778 m above the sea level. From it's top on clear days you can have a wondeful view as far as the Italian coast.

Numerous bays and little beaches follow one another, being the genuine paradise for swimmers and yachtsmen. The most famous beach on the Adriatic is Zlatni rat (Golden Horn), situated in Bol on the southern side of the island.

Climate is typically Mediterranean. Brac lies in one of the sunniest Adriatic straps. Average temperature is:- during summer 24 degree Celsius- 8,6 degree Celsius during winter.

Island Brac with it`s Vidova mountain is the highest island in Adriatic area. On this mountain was during world war 2 killed son of Winston Churchill while helping local soldiers.

On the island there is 22 settlements and 12 villages with the population of 14.000 habitants. There are also 5 deserted settlements. All cities and settlements have their own specialty and culture. The island has been settled for centuries and even remains of primitive man have been found in cave Kopacina.

The monuments of material and spiritual culture have been witnessing the continuous life of the island since antique times. Nowdays Brač is the island of tourism, cattle-raisins, fishing, stone-cutting, olive production and viniculture. The quality of Brač stone has been recognised all over the world. It was used for building the most outstanding buildings like Diokletian Palace in Split, the parliament building in Vienna, the White house in Washington and many others.

Brač is well known for its red wine, olive oil and lamb.

The island of Brač is connected with the mainland by ferry boats (Split-Supetar, Makarska-Sumartin) and by air with regular lines, charter and private flights.




An article about Brac - the New York Times (December 1999).

An article about Brač by Petar �imunović

 Dubbed Harbor Market Village, the $100 million complex in Texas will be modeled after the small Croatian town of Supetar on the Adriatic island of Brac More...


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