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Dragon's Cave

Brac Museum

Vidova Gora



Dominican Monastery in Bol

Selca Church

Kopacina Cave

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In this section we are listing possibilities to enrich your Brac experience by exploring wonderful sightseeing, wonders of nature and objects of cultural significance. Use your vacation get familiar with all aspects of island's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Povlja: Bazilica St. Ivana

In Povlja don’t miss to visit the ruins of the old Christian bazilica (later the Dominican monastery) where the “POVLJA DOCUMENT”, the oldest document written in Croatian language, was found.
At the end of the tourist season 2003. Povlja got the award for the best tourist village in Dalmatia.


Dragon's Cave - Zmajeva spilja




Not far away from the peak is Drakonjina �pilja also known as The Dragon Cave after the dragon which an unknown monk chisseled on cave wall in 15th century. Beside the dragon there are numerous symbols of old slavic mythology.



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Brac Museum in Skrip

   Tower Radojkovic was built during the wars in the 16th century. It is located in Skrip - the oldest settlement in the island. In 1979 the island museum was opened here. This building's important feature is in its 3 ethnical layers as well: Illyrian, Roman and Croatian.
   In this native museum there are different things worth seeing from different periods of time; archeological findings from the caves, Illyrian and Roman monuments, pictures, books and photographs from contemporary history as well as ancient history of the island.
   Near the museum there is a belvedere. There is also a village cemetery and several churches nearby: the church of Holly Spirit , the church of St John and the church of St Anna which used to belong to the convent, now long gone, with no remnants left.



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    Eremitage Blaca



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Vidova gora

Visit the peak of the island Brac, and admire the view of Bol and neighbouring islands Hvar and Vis. On the clear day you can also see Italy in the distance. You can get to "Vidova Gora"  by car by bike, or on foot.



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    Lovrecina: Basilica St. Lovre




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    Eremitage Dra�evica






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Dominican Monastery in Bol






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Church in Selca

Povlja. Selca and Sumartin   Povlja. Selca and Sumartin




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