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The position of the village Praznica (nearly in the center of the island and 450 meters above the sea level) makes a perfect combination for dynamic and exploratory days/evenings with peaceful, cozy chilly nights. We offer a friendly and affordable accommodation in this picturesque village.

Room information

  • Number of rooms for rent 3

  • Number of beds in rooms 1,2: One double bed in each

  • Size of rooms 1,2: 15 m2 each

  • Number of beds in room 3: Two single beds
    Size of room 3: 12 m2


The house

  • Ground-floor

  • Number of bathroom with shower : 2

  • Lounge and kitchen are in one room

  • Size (lounge, dining-room or kitchen) 12 m2

  • Shared terrace, 30 m2

  • View of: garden (room), garden (lounge)

  • Accessibility to accommodation by car : excellent

  • Parking space

  • Public transportation services : good

  • Water supply : local waterworks

  • The owner lives in the house which is rented


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Services available at your request
  • Internet

  • Open-air barbecue

  • Iron

  • Refrigerator

  • Deep freezer 10 l

  • Stove

  • Kitchen utensils and tableware

  • Cleaning 1x a week (or as arranged)

  • Pets not allowed

  • Smoking allowed outside the house


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  • Distance from the bus stop is 100 m

  • Distance from the town center is 200 m

  • Distance from a grocery store is 200 m

  • Distance to the neighboring building 7 m

  • Distance from the sea is 5 km

  • Distance to nearest beach 10.0 km

  • The closest train station: Split

  • Distance from the nearest (local) airport is 7.0 km

  • The closest airport: Bol

  • Distance from the nearest ferry port 7.0 km

  • Name of the nearest ferry port: Supetar

  • Distance from a heavy traffic road 200 m

  • Distance from the pharmacy is 10.0 km

  • Distance from the ambulance is 10.0 km

  • Distance from the nearest exchange office 1.0 km

  • Distance from the nearest gas station 5.0 km

  • Parc Botannia Price


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Price-list per day

14 EUR per person - July / August
12 EUR per person - June / September
9 EUR per person - remaining of the year

All prices and services negotiable



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